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Things You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

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  • You need to be social
  • Consistency is the key to growth
  • What goes online, stays online
  • It’s all in the list
  • Blogging isn’t free
  • It’s easy to get new traffic, but hard to retain it
  • Strike while the iron is hot
  • Content length affects traffic
  • Write your posts in a conversational manner
  • Design is marketing
  • People matter
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  1. Use SEO to drive tens of thousand of visitors every month
  2. Build links to boost your ranking
  3. Go for quality over quantity (underrated by most people learning how to start a blog)
  4. Use internal linking to help Google (and people) navigate your site
  5. Guest blog for more traffic, better SEO and brand awareness
  6. Use social media to drive thousands of converting traffic
  7. Create amazing images to increase shares, backlinks and subscribers
  8. Format your blog post to make you look like an expert
  9. Use content upgrades for 785% more conversions
  10. Add call to actions to get the most from your audience
  11. Use influencer marketing to 10x your audience
  12. Always be networking. Always
  13. Build an email list from the start and don’t forget to them stuff
  14. Stick to a theme for better SEO and a stronger follower base
  15. Use your audience to choose topics
  16. Share your content somewhere besides social media
  17. Give your “About” page some love
  18. Leverage paid social media advertising for better reach
  19. Add videos to your blog posts to increase engagement
  20. Pay attention to your blog’s load times (and make them faster)
  21. Don’t try to please every single person when starting a blog
  22. Stop writing intros like high school research papers
  23. Don’t wing your content. Make a plan
  24. A little bit of maintenance now saves big problems later
  25. You can reach new followers by re-sharing old content
  26. Complicated WordPress themes are always not the best themes
  27. Steal your competitor’s keywords, it’s awesome
  28. Headlines matter. Don’t miss out on clicks
  29. Add a FAQ section before your contact form to save time
  30. Make a habit of testing important pages on your site (like forms)
  31. Ignore the haters.. most of the time
  32. Stop staring at your analytics data
  33. Hosting matters
  34. Do regular content audits
  35. Update your content, regularly
  36. Easy on the number of plugins you have
  37. Mind your site’s security
  38. Don’t sweat over your Google PageSpeed Insights score
  39. Use Quora to really find out what people want to learn
  40. Do keyword research for each and every new post you publish
  41. Get inspiration from seemingly unrelated niches
  42. Give your best stuff away for free
  43. Stop obsessing over grammar. Nobody cares
  44. Writing, editing, publishing – it’s a 3-step process
  45. Set up your blogging/writing tools right
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  1. Choose the right platform
  2. Find the perfect domain name
  3. Choosing the right hosting is very important
  4. Always keep regular backups
  5. Setup Google Analytics from Day 1
  6. Setup a professional branded email address
  7. Start building an email list right away
  8. Setup unique Contact Forms for each use case
  9. Pay attention to image copyrights and licenses
  10. Onsite SEO optimization is important for growth
  11. Keyword research is very important
  12. Catchy headlines are important for social and SEO
  13. Re-purposing content is a secret weapon for expert bloggers
  14. Videos are a great way to boost engagement and stand out from the crowd
  15. You can re-share old posts to boost traffic
  16. Diversify your income stream
  17. Consistency is key
  18. Streamline a flow for storing your blog post ideas
  19. Setup a place to manage all your passwords
  20. Connect multiple emails with your gravatar
  21. Comment on other blogs and networks to grow your brand
  22. About page and start here pages are very important
  23. Social media is important but always remember it’s rented land
  24. Start building brand recognition
  25. Leverage social proof when you can
  26. Website speed is very important
  27. Content upgrades and exit popups are magic
  28. Ignore hater and turn-off distractions
  29. Don’t obsess over perfection
  30. Always use the best tools to get ahead
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