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Most Essential Things To Do After Installing WordPress

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  1. Enter the site information (Title, Time Zone, Profile)
  2. Delete unwanted content (examples of articles and themes)
  3. Choose a WordPress Theme
  4. Install plugins
  5. Securing the site
  6. Link your site to Google Analytics
  7. Create a backup
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  1. Add a Contact Form
  2. Change Site Title, Tagline and Timezone
  3. Setup WordPress SEO
  4. Install Google Analytics
  5. Install Caching
  6. Setup Backups
  7. Setup WordPress Security
  8. Setup Spam Protection
  9. Delete Unused WordPress Themes
  10. Setup WordPress Comments
  11. Delete default content
  12. Setup a default category
  13. Setup front and blog pages
  14. Upload your gravatar
  15. Complete your user profile
  16. Upload Favicon and Site Icon
  17. Change WordPress email address
  18. Setup your WordPress theme
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  1. Backup solution
  2. Security measures
  3. Enable caching
  4. SEO and Sitemap
  5. Comment spam prevention
  6. Analytics
  7. Contact Form
  8. Image optimization
  9. Uptime Monitor
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