Link Building Mistakes

Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid

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  1. Too many anchor text links.
  2. Not enough semantic keyword anchor text links.
  3. You don’t have enough junk anchors.
  4. Not enough brand mention within text links.
  5. Not enough social signals.
  6. Buying links
  7. Exchanging links on a mass scale.



  1. Linking to sites with bad reputation.
  2. Buying/selling links.
  3. Getting no-follow links.
  4. Backlink from only high PR domains (low PR).
  5. Getting backlinks from irrelevant niche sites.
  6. Links without your Targeted keywords in Anchor text.
  7. Tons of link building in short span.
  8. Avoid site wide link.



  1. Trying to build links to thin and worthless content.
  2. Writing poor quality guest posts only to get backlinks.
  3. Limiting your guest blogging efforts to the top-tier sites.
  4. Hiring the same guest blogger to build all your links.
  5. Wasting hard-earned backlinks because of poor internal linking.
  6. Connecting with other marketers only when you need them.
  7. Using the same outreach email everyone else uses.
  8. Automatically generating thousands of links to your site.
  9. Not using the “no-follow” tag for sponsored links.
  10. Not keeping a natural mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks.
  11. Link spamming on forums and blog comments.
  12. Using the same over-optimized anchor text all the time.
  13. Getting backlinks from sites with no editorial control.
  14. Associating with poor sites that are in bad company.
  15. Building links from sites with excessive outgoing links.
  16. Linking from sites that have nothing to do with your niche.
  17. Participating in link exchange programs.
  18. Using risky link building techniques like scholarships and PBNs.
  19. Not using alt-text in image links.
  20. Building links only to your site’s homepage.
  21. Getting sitewide and footer backlinks to your site.
  22. Building backlinks from article/web directories and bookmarking sites.
  23. Change your mindset to avoid all link building mistakes.


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