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Best Formulas to Increase Organic Site Traffic

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  • Optimize for your personas, not search engines.
  • Blog away.
  • Plug into the blogosphere.
  • Use long tail keywords.
  • Get your meta down.
  • Consistency create quality content.
  • Use internal links.
  • Encourage incoming links.
  • Blow your own trumpet.
  • Use social media.
  • Exploit metrics.
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  1. Rank content in Google’s featured snippet.
  2. Link reclamation.
  3. Community hijacking.
  4. Acquiring an existing website.
  5. Boost under performing content.
  6. Competitor link analysis.
  7. Find questions that your buyer persona is asking.
  8. Transcribe your video content.
  9. Get a column on an industry publication.
  10. Update and republish old content.
  11. Run co-marketing campaigns.
  12. Consolidate cannibalizing content with redirects.
  13. Link to influencers within your content.
  14. Build a linkable asset.
  15. Press request alerts.
  16. Create an expert roundup.
  17. Build your content in topic clusters.
  18. Seeding promotion on big content.
  19. Get product reviews using influencer platforms.
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  1. Eliminate “organic anchors” with a data-driven content audit.
  2. Prevent (and remove) keyword cannibalization.
  3. Find quick-win keyword opportunities.
  4. Perform subfolder keyword analysis.
  5. Expand your organic footprint with secondary keywords.
  6. Boost authority with internal linking.
  7. Scale question-based keyword research.
  8. Improve SERP click-through rates (with Console data)
  9. Identify lost link equity in 404 pages.
  10. Create content silos and avoid orphaned pages.
  11. Identify high volume keyword gaps.
  12. Use “Barnacle SEO” to boost SERP visibility.
  13. Use “Parasite SEO” to rank for ultra competitive keywords.
  14. Propel backlink acquisition (3 simple tactics).
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