First of all.. How are you?

I hope you’re doing good.


This website will be about the collection of multiple ideas of building and improving websites as obviously posted from the homepage.. giggle!


What is so unique about this website?

This is quite not your regular blog’s teaching techniques about website stuffs. Rather, treat this like a SECOND filter after using the search engines where you can see only the related websites as per the topics’ searches about this particular niche.


Why the reason for doing so?

We all can relate about this issue, sometimes we search for a particular question or topics that we wanna know and about 50% of the time, the top search results will only show what you truly desire for. It’s quite tiring though.

It’s not the fault of search engines since other cyber users uses different keywords. It’s just that sometimes the keyword you choose belongs to the minority. It’s sad that sometimes we didn’t get sufficient answers that we need. It’s the reality.


What we do?

We manually search for related websites and collects them for a particular topics. Show some briefing or summary about the related blogs/videos so one can immediately choose the links of their interest.


What benefits one will see?

  1. Get immediately the TASTY and JUICY ANSWERS for what they are searching for.
  2. Remember that “Time is Gold”. Just like that, we can save your precious time by directing you to the related sites.
  3. You get to know immediately the best gurus and influencers in this industry.
  4. You get see in a glance some preview of each related websites and their teaching techniques. This will match the learner based on their preferences.
  5. You will learn various approaches and tactics used by experts.
  6. You get to collect more information easily that were not discussed by other gurus.
  7. Some prefer short answers while some wants detailed info.
  8. Some prefer to read while some prefer to watch.
  9. This will simplify your learning progress. We hope you agree.


“Help save other people’s time learning the website stuffs”. Share this site to your valuable ones!

And THANK YOU very much!

Please go on and seek the vault of knowledge..